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Serving the business computing needs of the Shenandoah Valley for over 25 years.

Computer Works has serviced and supported the Microsoft Dynamics platform since its inception as the original Great Plains Accounting for DOS. Since that time, Dynamics has grow from a simple textual general ledger to a full-blown Windows application with a high-powered SQL Server database and numerous customization options.

The powerful features of the Dynamics database are available in three different stages of business growth. For the smallest businesses that are looking for an upgrade path from Quicken, Microsoft Small Business Accounting may be the best option. For small to medium sized businesses will enjoy the benefits of an enterprise level database and accounting system at reduced cost. Medium to large sized businesses get the full package with all the features to grow and manage your company.

Because the database remains the same through all three stages of business growth, you get a much easier conversion path as your needs change. You also get advantage of similar terminology and functions in your accounting system as your business grows.

Contact Computer Works to determine which stage and features best meet the needs of your business, both for today and for the near future.

Computer Works, Inc.

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